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Mary Kelly is an artist from Portland, Oregon where she has been practicing art for over 20 years. She has a passion for fashion design and sewing. Her work includes costume design, illustration, painting, sculpture, and animation. She loves dinosaurs, robots, and monsters. 

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My Story

I find it amusing that I would end up making puppets again. I didn’t think this is where my art would take me when I first moved to Portland to become a professional graphic designer. Now years later here I am learning how to piece together foam and fleece and come up with funny voices. 


This website is a combination of 20 years of me trying to “figure my life out” and “get back to being creative”. It’s been a journey of many ups and downs. I am still struggling to hold on to my inner child and not let my dream diminish. The dream is simple now - I just want to make art and be happy. The goal is self-fulfilling - when I make art - I am happy. 

I am an introvert and a sensitive soul. I spend most of my days hiding away working on my projects. Oh my do I have a lot of projects! I love drawing, painting, sculpture, sewing, costume design, video editing, animation, and I could go on and on! 

This website is a peek into my world. I want to share the things that bring a smile to my face. I hope my work brings a little joy into your life as well. 

- Mary Kelly

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I can't promise quality...

but we got the comedy...

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