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The Green Screen Project / Part 1

This is a beast of a project. We are setting out to create our own home green screen that fits our room exactly. We decided to go with a custom build vs buying something pre-made due to budget limits and the strange size of the room. The first step was to build a wood frame for the fabric.

The wall before - spacing out the distance of the screen.

Ryan is shown here measuring the support for the curved pieces.

Jinx approves. We can now proceed with the fabric.

Green Screen Prototype
We tested out the fabric on a tiny little prototype. So cute right?

We took the fabric to our studio and used the big sewing table to cut it into the right size.

Ryan measuring out the fabric

New tripods for the cameras. Jinx had to check them over.

The finishing touches on the tape job #1

Green screen assembled! Now for the floor sheet.

Floor fabric in place! This is the whole setup. Looking good!

Sweet... Green.. Victory!

That's the end of our first run. The project is far from complete though.

To continue the story see Part 2.

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