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Green Screen Project / Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 go here first.

The green screen is up! Time to build out structures for our lights. We found this fantastic light stand that looks just like a normal size frame but it's so much smaller. This is going to be perfect for our lights and allow us to move them as needed. To get a great shot in front of a green screen requires a consistent light source. Shadows are not your friend when it comes to a green screen. Neither are large batches of white light blocking out the shot. So this is going to require constant adjustment between shots.

New light frame and stands.

We added a tv on a stand with wheels. This is where we will display our video (faced towards us in front of the screen).

Lights are up! Testing out the placement and cord length.

A very blurry shot of the second set of lights that will go on the poles.

Installing covers for the wires that will go across the room.

We are making progress bit by bit! I will have another update for you soon. Stay tuned for Part 3.

- Mary

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